Husssh Sound Moderators

Husssh .22 sound suppressors are made in New Zealand and now supplied worldwide.

Unique features and technical details

  • One of the most lightweight and smallest sound moderators on the market
  • A key feature is its filter design, canister port vent holes and inverted cone
  • Incredibly compact at only 70mm long x 25mm diameter
  • Extremely lightweight at just 29 grams
  • Constructed of high strength engineering plastic, the moderator is exceptionally durable
  • Specifically designed for subsonic .22 rimfire
  • Precision-machined components ensures concentricity
  • A unique and innovative design provides barrel harmonic dampening for enhanced accuracy
  • 1/2-inch UNF internal thread
  • Totally maintenance-free

Price: NZD $59.95

"I have personally sold and used these great little Sound Moderators for the past ten years. They are the most compact and innovative moderator I have ever seen and the quietest ones we have sold. At almost half the size of its competitors, the Husssh moderator need not be removed from your rifle when placed in a gun bag and retains the balance of the rifle due to its incredible lightness."

--Scott Kunac
Allan Millar's Hunting & Fishing New Zealand

"I have been shooting rabbits and possums for thirty years now and I finally have a silencer that is small, lightweight, tough and works extremely well. When shooting small game or target shooting, I won't leave home without it!"

--Stephen Brown
Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand

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